How it Works

Work with a Volunteer Community Education Fellow

Currently, we are partnering with local schools and non-profit partners to identify families in need of volunteer Fellows. We are then matching families and pods with UCI students can provide tutoring and facilitation of small-group learning. Please contact us with the link below if you would like to inquire about your school or organization partnering with UCI CEF.

For parents and community

Our local communities are also self-organizing to support their children in innovative ways. If you are a parent or community member, who does not need a CEF, but would like to learn about new ways to support your children or youth in your community, please sign up below to join in on a bi-weekly support group where local advocates, fellow parents, and educators will share tips.

I want to hire (pay) a student tutor

We are focusing our efforts on free (to families), community-based efforts right now. There are a number of for-profit or paid tutoring options on the market right now. For families who are interested in finding a paid tutor, we will provide links to organizations in the following page, as a resource.

Coming Soon…